Is the Economy Dampening Enthusiasm for Live Music?

By: Megan Morian


Everywhere, people are pinching their pennies and trying to squeeze into those clothes for another season. News of the rapidly declining economic status in the U.S. is everywhere, and people are reacting as expected. When you’re making a list of necessities in your life—the dreaded “Needs versus Wants” list— is live music a “need” or a “want?” For many in 2008, it was in the “need” category. People were not willing to give up their live music, and as a result, the industry was up 13% over last year.


I think people are going to find a way to afford to see their favorite artists from time to time, no matter what the economic situation. Obviously, if things get worse, there will naturally be a decline in sales for live music to account for those with concert-going on their “wants” list. It will just be a sign of the times. But with a new president coming into office shortly, artists pumping out new music faster than we can get our hands on it, and concert sales higher than they’ve ever been, who’s to say it might not continue to be one of the activities that people deem important enough to spend their hard earned money on?


It also goes to say that seeing music you love in downtown intimate venues once a week or so isn’t going to run you a whole lot of money. For five or ten dollars, you can sit and, in many places eat, while you happily enjoy listening to something you would have otherwise listened to while worrying about taxes and bills at home. I like the sound of an evening of enjoyment and forgetfulness myself!


“It’s not something you can get a fix for somewhere else,” Ray Waddell [Billboard Magazine] said of live music. “There’s no other substitute for it, and compared to other things, it’s pretty affordable.”

Click here to read the full article by John Gerome, Associated Press.


Right he is. So relax Atlanta; go listen to some live music and know that the concerts and shows we love are going to keep coming as long as you want them here.



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