“Trey Wright and Squat” at Bhojanic

By: Megan Morian


An intimate audience showed at Bhojanic in Decatur on Saturday night to see Trey Wright and his band Squat. Some of the patrons were old friends who conversed often with the band and cheered loudly. The small Indian restaurant had dim candle lighting, and the stage glowed to create a quiet and relaxing feel. I knew I was going to enjoy the show.

As the band started to play, I thought about how this was what it was all about. Upbeat jazz rhythm flowed from the small stage, and I felt that if I had been passing by the restaurant, I probably would have come in to listen. Their first song, “Rickshaw,” seemed to define contemporary jazz, and the band was obviously comfortable and enjoying themselves. They smiled and laughed at each other and at their friends in the audience. I tapped my foot to the beat and thought about how music like this had been around for a long time, and how people had been loving it in contexts just as this for just as long. The jazz guitar, cello, keyboard, and drums combined to bring out music I personally had never heard the likes of, live, before. Their second song slowed down quite a bit and it took me a few minutes until Trey began playing the main tune on guitar, that they were playing “What Child is This?” It was fabulous. The song has a slightly mysterious base melody, and having only ever heard it by artists such as Josh Groban and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, I was shocked at how much I liked their jazzy rendition. The addition of the cello to Trey’s guitar really put the depth and intrigue into the classic Christmas tune.

A little after this, the band played a few songs with a distinct Latin flavor. I wanted to get up and dance! Squat really showed their devotion to diversity in their music. They also involved the audience, commencing a whole room hand clap about halfway through the show. Their last few songs were slower and wound down the evening perfectly. To find out more about Trey Wright, visit his website here. To find out more about Squat, visit their band website.


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