Music Thoughts

By: Megan Morian


I would like to think that I am both new and old to the music scene in Atlanta. I have been to a lot of concerts, met a lot of artists, and had my picture taken next to them as the giddy fan who is meeting someone famous. It’s exciting. Doing that for several years makes you think, “Music in Atlanta? I have got that covered.”

When you don’t know what’s really going on in the deeper levels of your own city, the smaller venues and the more intimate audiences, is when you become new to the scene. This is my most recent discovery. Everyone knows that Atlanta is home to many famous, signed, and commercialized musicians. We see them on television giving their props to their beloved “ATL,” their roots. The place that made them what they are. What makes me new, after years of seeing live shows in Atlanta, is the people I’m seeing.

Most of the bands I’ve seen play are not from around here. They are big and people across the country and even the world know them. They are stopping in to show their love for “a city that knows how to throw a party.” If you are actually from a city, you know its ins and outs, its people, its style, its food, its daily life and its nightlife. That is the difference. Seeing musicians play what they love for who they know and love makes it real. It makes it fantastic and magical and an experience. When you’re seeing the real side of Atlanta music, you are seeing passion, creativity, and a connection between the audience and the musician that extends beyond fan to artist. It is friend to friend and music lover to music lover.

When you look for live music in Atlanta, don’t look for a crowded show with screaming fans and blurry, far away pictures. That show will move on to other cities, give the same performance for the same screaming fans, and eventually grow tired of the monotony. No, look for Atlanta’s real music, where you can know and love the musician and see him or her over and over because this… is really their home. They may not ever “make it big” outside Atlanta (though we always hope they do), but they are making it big in their city’s heart and soul every time they play.

I would encourage everyone to be both new and old to Atlanta’s music scene. I love big time bands with awesome haircuts and snazzy outfits just as much as the next obnoxious fangirl. However, I will definitely be spending more time discovering just what else Atlanta has to offer in the way of real, live music.

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