“Go All Night to China” at the High


By Megan Morian

As I walked into the High Museum of Art, I realized I was a little early for the show. Families were sitting at tables finishing up an art project, but within a few minutes cleanup had begun and tables and chairs were being cleared out. The crowd at this point shifted to a mainly young adult audience with a few children mixed in with parents. Members of both bands came in and began setting up instruments of all kinds, making me wonder what kind of music I was going to be hearing. I watched for a few minutes, then walked up to Travis of Judi Chicago and asked him how the show was going to go that evening. Judi Chicago, consisting of Travis Thatcher and Ben Coleman, was going to open for Noot d’Noot.

Soon, the pair donned purple high school band reminiscent uniforms and picked up brightly colored instruments—for Ben, an electric pink guitar, and for Travis a small red keytar. The two were backed by sets of dance beats that flowed through the speakers and combined with their eccentric, unique style to form music that just made you want to move as crazily as they were. Ben kept the crowd entranced by playing the guitar while lying on the floor. Their most memorable song for me was “Mad Ape,” an 80’s-retrospective hit that was as charged and exciting as their dance moves that kept the crowd involved. I found their lyrics to be pretty conversational and interesting to follow. The duo labels their music as “Psychedelic/Electro/Hardcore,” which I think is a fairly accurate description! It was different than anything I had ever heard before, and it was clearly enjoyed by everyone in the room.

After Judi Chicago finished, Noot d’Noot’s nine members smiled and danced their way to perform for their intimate Atlanta audience. I knew immediately that their sound was going to light up the room. The group was intensely interested in audience interaction, constantly asking the audience to clap their hands and dance to their funky jazz sound. Their female vocalists filled the atrium with a classic and beautiful jazz intonation that, combined with the saxophone and guitar especially, created an especially enjoyable beat that set everyone in the room swaying and twisting. It was impressive and, more importantly, extremely fun.

This being the first show I have ever written about, I found it a little difficult to put my feelings about the music into words. There is just no describing the way you feel when live music is enticing all your senses at once. I absolutely love going to shows in Atlanta, and I encourage you to do the same! Real music heard here in your own city is sure to brighten your spirits and is sure to keep you wanting more. Get up, get out, and enjoy yourself to the fullest! You can further check out both of the artists described here on myspace.com:  



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