Comedy with Curb Appeal


The storefront of the two-month-old Village Theatre looks out across Decatur Street toward the railroad tracks and the train yard that have for so long set the backdrop for the Lenny’s Bar shows upstairs. Since Lenny’s moved into the dilapidated shopping center at the Boulevard intersection, it’s been up to the arts alone to bring any color into the immediate surroundings, and in October, a new venue arrived to help light up the evenings. Friends Blair Holden and Mike King co-founded the new improv theatre along with a large group of other actors, the majority of which performed with them at Atlanta’s Whole World Improv Theatre, and with their reduced ticket prices and the welcoming atmosphere they’ve created, they hope to spread improv comedy to their new neighborhood.

I met Holden at the theatre space in the middle of the afternoon, and even on a cold winter day, the empty place felt warm and inviting, its exposed spray insulation dripping unmoving from the rafters and a life-sized Chewbacca cutout practically waving from the corner behind the bar. The stage fronts an area filled with comfy couches and folding chairs, and local artwork graces the walls. That afternoon it was silent inside, but the very room oozes welcome and laughter, like so many spray-insulated pipes or the paint running down the theatre’s logo.

We sat down, and perched on the front of the stage, before I could even ask a real question, Holden began telling the Village Theatre’s story:

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