An Evening at the Alliance Theatre

You may be wondering what the heck the Alliance Theatre has to do with live music. Well, not much really. However, they I was glad to see a little mood music from a live jazz band before and after the premier of their newest stage production “Doubt” showing on the main stage. For me the music seem to take the edge off as my date & I were frantically trying to rush in after figthing some good old Atlanta traffic. It was a great transition into what turned out to be a really enjoyable play.

The music seemed to lay the ground work for good conversation & discussion following the play’s subject matter. You’ll have to see the play in order to find out what I’m talking about. The event was very comforting. I even know the bass player, Trey Wright. We will be posting video we shot of Trey at Churchill Grounds next week on the jazz Media player.

I really like this move toward more live music by the Alliance. Usually I feel like a couple hands without pockets not knowing quiet what to do with myself before or after a show. This time it didn’t feel like a Wam-Bam-Thank You-Mama. They seem to welcome me into their living room offering me food & booze, intriging threatre and live music. Wow, thats cool.

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