Lara Belle Shows Her Appreciation and Her Soul


By Slade Barron

The scene was dark, and comfortably packed in Kat’s Café when Lara Belle’s dad walked on stage. “Lara was the loudest baby in the delivery room!” says her dad.  After his words of congrats and encouragement, Lara entered, and in her own low key style says “this is a show of appreciation, we’re grateful for y’all.”   The music started to a crowd of martini wielding onlookers.   Lara Belle is a self-described “down-to-earth, and soulful” musician.  Her intense voice rings from the rafters and rattles the floors.  It reminds my date of Amy Winehouse meets gospel soul and funk.

Lara Belle hosted her VIP Concert this Saturday at Kat’s Café in appreciation of her loyal fan following. She says the theme for the show is “Excellent entertainment for very important people. Everyone who’s come to see me in the past year, I want them to know how much I appreciate them”.   Fan member Varonna says “Lara Belle is a great entertainer.  She has a beautiful and unique voice and her own style.  She loves it.”  The crowd loved it too. 

                Lara Belle is a chill cosmopolitan, but she knows how to set a funky groove.  Her super tight band for the evening helped her out.  Drummer for Lara Belle, Khalid “Killa” says of Lara Belle “She’s soulful, energetic, and a blast to play with.  She’s a cool spirit, a good spirit, and she’s always prepared”.  This evening she played covers of Mary J., Michael Jackson, Al Green, Kanye West, Chaka Khan, and Lauryn Hill.  Lara Belle also sang a solo song from her upcoming album, Just Outside the Circle, entitled “A Simple Plea”.  The audience ate it up.  Lara Belle says of her style “I try to treat everybody like family, like we’re just sitting in my living room, and I’m just singing a song for you.  That’s the kinda style I like.  I like people to feel comfortable, and that I’m exposing myself from my heart.”

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