Lexi Street Gets Swanky at the Red Light


By Slade Barron

Lexi Street is just like you and me, except she’s gorgeous, has an amazing voice, and just released her second full-length album, Champagne Promises.  All this and she’s not intimidating, really.  She commemorated her newest release this weekend at the Red Light Café to a crowd who couldn’t get enough of her.  Why not?  She has a fiery, sexy persona, but altogether she’s original and very approachable.  This is true of both herself and her music.  I asked audience member and local fan Stacy to describe Lexi Street and her music: “It’s feel good music to me.  It makes me feel good.  She’s a young mother.  She’s just a person.  That’s what makes you feel good.  She wears a lot of different hats.  It’s remarkable.”   Lexi’s music isn’t any less remarkable.

Lexi Street’s music feels intimate, is energetic, and immediately grabs the audience’s attention. The red glow of the stage is the perfect backdrop for the band.  Lexi Street’s voice is haunting as it recounts past memories.  When asked where she finds her inspiration, Lexi Street says “If I know you, I’ve written about you.  I derive all my music from the people in my life.  There are a couple of songs tonight that will be about people in the room.”  No wonder the crowd was so excited.

If you must, imagine her music as a cooled down mix between the Cranberries and Gwinn Stephanie minus the punk.   There is a definite 90’s influence to the music, but it’s spunky and sassy enough to stand above the backlog.  Lexi Street is “creating a sound that’s not emulative of anything you’ve heard before, yet somehow you can’t quite put your finger on why it feels so familiar.”* My recommendation is to forget trying to categorize it, just pick up her new CD and enjoy. 


* cited from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lexistreet

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