Down home and Inspiring


By Stephanie Mitchell

Caroline Aiken and friends put on a very engaging show at Eddie’s Attic on Friday night. Caroline was accompanied by the talented Dede Vogt and Meike Roester and the three acts played in rounds. These ladies are brilliant singer/song writers and captivate you with their artistic abilities on guitar and their amazing lyrics. I was not expecting to see three acts at once but the way the show was organized, it flowed really well.

The Attic was pack, by the time I got into the room, there was no more sitting room! The audience sang along with Caroline as she sang her soulful songs. The three ladies had a sense of humor that kept high energy on stage as well as in the audience and they played their music with such ease and passion, you could tell that there was nothing but love for music coming out of each of them. It was a very enjoyable evening with good music, good food and an awesome atmosphere. The dynamics of Eddie’s Attic and the artists on stage were exceptional. Find time and look into Caroline Aiken, she will put a smile on your face and add enjoyment to your evening by playing some wonderful tunes for you!

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