Souther Rock Fusion Bands Really Do Rock!


August 7, 2009

Kimberly Elliott
As I walk into Vinyl I could already feel my heart pumping, for i could hear the music seeping from under the door. Before entering I was expecting some music that was really going to make you dance. Nobody’s Darlin’ opened up and got the audience warmed up with their very southern, very rock style all mixed into one. Hailing from Florida, Thomas Wynn and the Believers played their music that seemed to go right under the floor boards with its sound. They had great lyrics that gave them the “original” rock sound.

The audience were not shy to dance to the music, nor to go beyond a whisper to express their opinion about each band. the atmosphere complimented each bands’ style with its old-fashioned set-up. Vinyl offered a bar in the corner with plenty of beer, along with couches and high-seated stools to give it a southern feel to this edgy venue.

Ethan and the Ewox were the next to perform and rock the stage. They broought a more mellow style that audience had not heard from the other bands. The violin’s sound played a huge impact on the alternative side to their music. Ethan and the Ewox’s sound allowed them to play their own version of Bill Withers’ “Use me Up” song. The last to perform was Faithless Town and they showed a very southern, country style to rock.

All of these bands brought their own twist to rock by playing both edgy rock and alternative, country rock. The audience was able to experience diversity within the rock genre. What i expected from these bands I exactly what I got, however, I do not feel that they quite fit our target audience. Overall, these bands brought their love of music to Vinyl’s stage.

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