Underground Music Scene

By Stephanie Mitchell July 7, 2009

In the music scene there are two main scenes an artist can work on being a part of, the underground scene and the mainstream scene. Through the interviews and concerts I have been to, all of the acts I have followed are underground and many of them want to stay that way. So I got to thinking about why so many artists choose to stay underground and what struggles they face along with what triumphs they partake in.

In talking with underground artists, I have found that a lot of the promotion to get their name out to the local public is done by them and maybe a few friends to help them along the way. People may not think that putting up flyers and handing out business cards is work but when you are the artist that writes the music, tries to find places to play and to top it off, usually has a tight budget it’s stressful work. I have found it truly inspiring, all of the heart and soul underground artists put into their music to keep their head above water.

Just like any other job, with music you have to climb the ladder to get to where you want to be. Some bands and singer/songwriters may not make it but if the work is done right and the passion is put into it many artists will prosper. Underground artists are very successful and usually have a very good following of fans that fully respects them. It’s really no mystery why musicians are happy in the underground scene. They have a better chance of keeping their individuality and they have more of a say in their art form then a mainstream artist would.

I believe that those who are in the business more for the fans and the music they play rather than the pay check are much more fulfilled. Playing in the underground music scene, the pay may not be excellent but the reward of being respected for playing the truth of what is in your heart and soul is priceless.

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