Mudcat Rocks the House!


by Stephanie Mitchell June 26, 2009

Mudcat put on a show at the Northside Tavern that was full of energy and great talent. No one was sitting down at this show, the Tavern was packed and the audience was up and dancing to the great, down home blues that Mutcat played. He made the guitar speak for itself with his awesome plucking and slide skills. The energy on stage was very stimulating because the band did not only play their music but you could tell as an audience member that they also felt great passion for their music.

All of the band members had smiles on their faces and were having a great time that the audience fed off of. Mudcat fit right in with the rugged, bluesy atmosphere of the Northside Tavern. This was the first show that I have been to where the audience just couldn’t get enough of the band. There were people who attended that didn’t know a whole lot about Mudcat but as soon as they started playing, the new comers were clapping, stomping and grooving to the music. If you want to have a good, down home time with some incredible blues tunes I recommend you venture out to a Mudcat show. You’ll be glad you did.

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