The Blues is back with Fatback Deluxe

Fatback Deluxe

By: Kimberly Elliott


At Blind Willies on June 17, 2009, Fatback Deluxe gets prepared to give Atlanta something they havent heard in a while, the Blues. As the crowd builds up, Fatback Deluxe continues to play that original blues sound. Their music releases that down home vibe that makes you feel like you are sitting on a porch drinking lemonade on a hot summer day or dancing the night away at a ‘juke joint.’ Fatback deluxe has successfully brought that original blues sound back.

The atmosphere that Blind Willies provides gives you an instant ‘juke joint’ vibe with pictures of other musicians decorating the walls. The lighting give a conversational tone to the entire performance. After each set of songs that Fatback Deluxe played, you could hear the crowd conversing about how they could feel the lyrics and sound of the music. Many fans felt that ‘juke joint’ vibe as they began to let their bodies react to the music and dance until the music stopped. Being one of the youngest members of the crowd, and also being able to feel the music gives you an idea of the versatility of Fatback Deluxe’s music.

Overall, Fatback Deluxe’s performance at Blind Willies was great. I encourage all of Atlanta to open their arms and ears to the Blues again. You can catch Fatback Deluxe at Blind Willies at least twice a month.

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