Musically more open minded

By Stephanie Mitchell June 25, 2009

As a lover of music, I try to always surround myself with the art form and anything new it has to offer. However, I will have to admit that before my experiences with this internship for, I mainly focused on the “big” music scene with the internationally well known artists and the huge venues packed with a sea of people. Now, I have found a new respect for the Atlanta music scene. I have lived on the out skirts of Atlanta my entire life and never really paid much attention to the fresh, local artists we have around the area.

                It only takes a little bit of research to find some really fun and entertaining music events going on around the area. If you are an artist that wants to get your name out there, Atlanta is a great place to do it because there is a place for everyone in the music business here. Atlanta has a great deal of music history and with that; the city has a lot to offer in terms of venues and events. There are places that promote one specific genera of music and others that promote a wide array. Many of the Atlanta venues have played a big role in creating the “mega-million dollar scene” that it is today according to the Atlanta Music Museum Web site.

                Last month I went to the Atlanta Jazz Festival and the vibe from the crowd and the artists was a proud one. Atlanta artist Dionne Farris took the time during her performance to thank our mayor Shirley Franklin for supporting the music scene and keeping the festival alive. When I go to concerts, I really enjoy the positive feelings I receive from the atmosphere. Every artist that I have spoken to so far has had nothing but good things to say about the Atlanta music scene, the crowds and venues.

I have realized that there are no limits when it comes to music. You can never learn enough about it because it is constantly evolving. The more open minded you are towards the art form, the more rewarding it is. I have always had respect for music but now that I have seen the musical interaction that takes place in Atlanta I have a deeper knowledge and respect for what goes into it. I am very proud to be a part of such a musically colorful city and I know that with all of the support that I have seen only within a month, the scene will continue to blossom and I am excited to watch.

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