Southern Soul


By Stephanie Mitchell June 4, 2009

The Atlanta History Center was filled with soul on Thursday when they hosted the Southern Music: Shaken and Stirred event. The night started with Kyshona Armstrong who came on and made the crowd sway with her rich, soulful voice and jiving guitar talent. She was backed by a great drummer and bassist who also played the steel drum that put a very enlightening twist on the music. Her performance was so outstanding and inspiring that it left her with a standing ovation at the end

The second talent of the evening, John West, was a big hit with the audience who seemed to already be familiar with him. He told soulful stories with his voice and guitar and had a very open and approachable stage presence that was very intriguing. After he would finish a song, he left you as a listener wanted to know more. He was very soothing as he sang about love, family and real life experiences.

The last act of the night was seven Grammy nominee, Anthony David whose performance expressed passion and soul from deep down inside. He was very motivating with his rich, dark voice that was backed by his rhythmically, driven guitar talent. He sang about love and lust, pain from losing love and personal experiences he has witnessed. He sang with ease and it was apparent that the audience really enjoyed his concert.

Best of Atlanta concerts was able to interact with the audience at this concert as well. We played a really fun, interacting game of The Price Is Right and a game of Atlanta trivia. The experience was a pleasure! The talent was amazing, the atmosphere was very artistry and fresh and the people showed great hospitality throughout the night. This event is one that is definitely worth checking out if you like a variety of diverse music in a pleasant atmosphere. 

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