Paste Magazine Hangs on for Dear Life

Another grim indicator of the recession’s impact on print media: On May 14, Decatur-based Paste magazine, dedicated to highlighting “signs of life in music, film and culture,” asked its readers for help in weathering a particularly rough economic patch.

(Full disclosure: I contributed a handful of CD reviews to Paste back in 2004 and 2005. I also interviewed some of the folks there for a Sunday Paper article on the magazine’s Rock N Reel festival a few years back, and have maintained a friendly, if infrequent, relationship with the magazine since.)

To compensate for dwindling ad revenues, Paste has cut costs (including, according to local blogger Tessa Horehled at Drive a Faster Car, implementing 20 percent pay cuts), and predicts it will “emerge in good shape” in the long run. In the meantime, however, it finds itself “critically low on cash.” To make it through this short-term crisis, staffers have launched a “Campaign to Save Paste,” asking readers for a one-time cash donation.

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