Cafe 290 features Joe Gransden and a Big Band with a Bang


By Stephanie Mitchell June 1, 2009 

Café 290 was rockin’ to the music of Joe Gransden and his 16 piece big band on Monday June 1st. It was a very colorful evening for the audience at Café 290. Joe was able to ease the audience and engage them with his rich voice, impressive trumpet playing and his vibrant character. The café was packed with walls of people everywhere and many of them were Joe Gransden followers. The crowd was mingling and conversing as they took in the classy sounds of Joe and his band. connected with the audience and held a trivia contest during the intermission. CDs were given to the winners and concert tickets were given out to the grand prize winner.

He played many Frank Sinatra songs such as “Luck be a Lady” and had a voice similar to Sinatra himself. Audience members said that you can’t find jazz like this unless you go to New York. Many people in the crowd were at the show in support of Joe but also in support of the jazz music scene itself. Many performers in the big band were given the chance to show their talent and that was something Joe felt passionate about. The environment offered good food, drinks, great hospitality and of course wonderful live music. Joe Gransden and his band play the first Monday of every month for those interested in letting loose and having a great time. The show was by far amazing and left me with good memories and the urge to go back to experience the big band vibe and the outstanding talent of Joe Gransden. 


Audience Interview

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