Jazz and a flow of Martinis


By: Stephanie Mitchell  May 29, 2009

Jazz and a flow of Martinis

Jazz musician Will Scruggs gave a colorful performance at the Martinis and Imax event at Fernbank on May 29th. Martinis flowed while the swingy, classy sound of Will Scruggs and Jazz Fellowship Band performed some of their latest songs. Will and his Fellowship Band were well accepted by the audience who sipped martinis and ate a wide variety of food while they relaxed to the soothing, rhythmically driven sounds of Will and his Fellowship Band.

Will was backed by a well, in time thumping bass player, up beat drums and a colorful pianist that floated across the keys with style. Will jammed out on the saxophone then switched it up when he gave a vocal performance of “Ain’t Got That Swing”. Overall, the event was a very good experience. The atmosphere was very classy and Will Scruggs Jazz Fellowship Band fit right in with the festivities that were taking place. Smiles and conversation filled the large area surrounded by dinosaurs and sunlight coming in from the beautiful terrace. This event had a mixture of elegance and history while incorporating the soothing sounds of Will Scruggs Jazz Fellowship Band.

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