Jaspects CD Release Party at the Apache Cafe

By: Megan Morian


On April 18th, the Jaspects held their CD Release Party for “The Polkadotted Stripe” at the Apache Cafe.  The small venue quickly filled to maximum capacity with fans eager to hear the unique, revolutionary music of the Jaspects. There was literally no room to move across the room by the time the band from Morehouse College took the stage.

The show opened with Jimi Cravity, who has one EP album out so far.  He delighted the crowd with several songs, including his cover of Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy,” and my favorite, “Charlie.” Jimi plays a mix of alternative pop/rock.

When the Jaspects made it to the stage at about 11:15pm, the crowd was excited and ready. They began playing what turned out to be a mostly continuous roll of their songs, interrupted only by skits or dancing. The show they were putting on was as good as the music itself, and the audience just danced and danced in response. It was an incredibly fun environment. With a sleek look involving suits, ties, and sunglasses, the group was completely involved in the presentation of their music, right down the the outfits.

The music of the Jaspects is difficult to assign a label to, and the band says this was exactly their mission. Combining jazz, hip/hop, easy listening attributes, some rock, and a little bit of everthing else, the Jaspects create a completely unique sound. They have a bass guitarist, a keyboardist, a saxophonist,  a trumpeter, a drummer, and a synth and sounds man. All share parts in vocals. They have all your traditional jazz instruments and all your traditional jazz sounds… but pack a huge punch of extra flavor and funk.

An excellent article on the Jaspects was featured in Creative Loafing long before “The Polkadotted Stripe” came out, just lending validity to the claim that this six piece group is going to go far for a long time.

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