You Too Can Still Be A Rock Star

Let there be rock!

Living the rock ’n’ roll dream is easier than ever—but it still takes a little work


It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled. Nineteen years, to be exact. 

My one and only grab at the brass ring of rock stardom took place in New Orleans back in 1990. Influenced by the Replacements, Pixies, Robyn Hitchcock and a desire to meet girls, I formed a band with two Kinko’s co-workers and a friend I met in a college poetry class. We called ourselves Tao Jones, and we played five shows that year, before taking Neil Young’s advice about burning out being preferable to fading away.

But I’ve never forgotten the electric thrill of our first gig, opening for a band called According to Breughel at the now-defunct Muddy Water’s. Despite the fact that a hot new band named Blues Traveler was playing across town at Tipitina’s, we drew a respectable 60 or so people on a Monday. (And yes, they came to see us and not the other guys. Shut up.) 

That night, and each of the other nights we played that magical year, I felt like a rock star. And lately, I’ve been wanting to feel like that again. 

That’s why I’m at 10 High on a recent Monday night, in my favorite Rush tour shirt and an old leather jacket that doesn’t fit so well anymore. I’m here to take my turn singing in front of the band Metalsome at the live-band hard-rock karaoke event Metalsome Monday. 

Immediately, I start obsessing about what song I’m going to sing and how I’m going to act. To distract myself, I chat with a lovely young woman named Jessica, part of Metalsome’s two-person support crew; it’s her job to take the names of the people who sign up to take a turn at the microphone. Jessica, along with most of the other folks who start filling up the venue, was just a toddler the last time I sang in public. I choose not to dwell on this.

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