The Brilliant Inventions CD Release Party


By: Megan Morian

I was obviously late by showing up on time to the CD Release Party of The Brilliant Inventions at Eddie’s Attic. The show was sold out and the place was packed! The atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyably noisy and abuzz with conversation. As I stood waiting for the show to begin, I was able to say hello to both Eliot and Josh who were hanging out with people in the crowd.

Soon a woman in a pink dress and Easter bunny ears took the stage, introducing herself as Ms. Gilda Sue Rosenstern. I was surprised when she began doing stand-up comedy, as I have never seen a comedian perform as an opener for a band. Clearly though, a comedy routine was a fantastic idea for an opening act. Ms. Rosenstern was brazenly funny and kept the audience laughing for her entire performance, giving the room a light and convivial feeling.

The second opener for The Brilliant Inventions was Matthew Kahler, an entertaining individual himself. His guitar playing and songs were honest and heartfelt, and he delighted in sharing the stage with other guitarists such as TBI’s Eliot Bronson. Shortly after he finished playing, Ms. Rosenstern again took the stage to announce the oncoming main performers, The Brilliant Inventions.

Josh and Eliot were at once visibly comfortable on stage and obviously excited and happy to be promoting their new CD, Have You Changed. Their interaction with the crowd was humorous and light, and I think even those in the audience who had seen them play previously were struck when they began to sing. Looking around, the crowd was all smiles and many were singing along.

Eliot and Josh played a good mix of old and new, introducing each song with a story (usually very entertaining) of its origin or history. I noticed that no matter how funny and quirky they were before the song, when it came time to play, especially the songs off Have You Changed, the amount of emotion and seriousness that could be felt emanating from the duo was particularly awe inspiring. The room seemed to change as soon as the music began, and the audience seemed to be letting honest lyrics and simply expressive music wash over them in pure enjoyment.

My favorites of the evening were “Have You Changed,” “We Don’t Have the Words,” and the song (I cannot for the life of me remember the name) about the jerk in high school. “We Don’t Have the Words” couldn’t have been any more profoundly beautifully done in my opinion; it was one of those songs of such emotional intensity that you get shivers down your spine. I would venture to say that it was even better live than on the album, though iTunes has my play count for it at 14 plays and rising.

Overall, the CD Release Party for Have You Changed qualifies as excellent.  The Brilliant Inventions, consisting of Eliot Bronson and Josh Lamkin, put on a great show. You can see them again on May 1st at Smith’s Olde Bar during the 500 Songs for Kids show, and at Maguire’s Irish Pub on May 8th.

P.S. I apologize for my amazingly bad picture quality.

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