Kirk McMillan at Smith’s Olde Bar


By: Megan Morian
In the early evening at Smith’s Olde Bar, Kirk McMillan took the stage in the Atlanta Room to share his Americana/Classic Southern Rock sound with an enthusiastic audience. He made a point to make his way around the room several times before his set, introducing himself and chatting with patrons. He was even kind enough to introduce himself to me and sit to talk with me for a few minutes! Very down to earth and relaxed, I knew his music would be the same.

Kirk’s band was composed of a keyboardist, a guitar player, a bass player, and a drummer. Kirk himself played the guitar and was the main voice of the band. With a good beat and energy enough to fill the entire bar, the band and Kirk began their set with a sound that immediately reminded me of a combination of Jon Bon Jovi and Tom Petty. With the bass throbbing the room and Kirk’s voice flowing through the microphone with ease and comfort, the band eased through songs such as “Corporate Cross,” ” Put Up Shut Up,” and “One Million Nights.”

Kirk McMillan connected with the crowd when he asked if “anybody had juts gotten off work?” in anticipation of “Corporate Cross.” The audience also got a brief glimpse of Kirk’s life before “One Million Nights.” He informed us that he had graduated from The Citadel (impressive) and that the song had been written for the roughly 3,000 children that lost parents on September 11th.

The show was a very enjoyable one, ending with a free cd in exchange for your email.

For more information on Kirk McMillan, visit his Myspace page at

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