Atlantans are Missing Out… and it’s Their Own Fault


By Megan Morian

While recently interviewing Nick Edelstein of Atlanta, I asked him if anything irked him about Atlanta’s music scene. I was saddened, but not really shocked at his reply, because it was something I had been feeling myself.


He said, “I think really it boils down to the fans and the people that live here, you know. I’ve been to a lot of places, different cities around the country, where people just love live music, and will go out every night of the week to see live music. That’s really the best thing you can do to change the scene. … If there was anything I was gonna change about the Atlanta music scene, it would probably be the people that live in the city. I would just sort of say to them, come support the artists.”


Did you hear that Atlanta? He would change the people. I hope everyone is as dismayed at this as I am. You should be sitting there in a huff and bothered up, down, and sideways because how dare he insult you that way? Well get used to it Atlantans, because it is true, and because he is probably not the only artist that thinks this way. The music scene around this city has been declining since the era of Jazz, and it’s all our fault. You are sitting at home with your iPods stuck in your ears, completely oblivious that musicians, thousands of them, want to sing for you. They want to belt their songs and make you feel alive. And you are rejecting them.


They don’t want you to dress up or pay tons of money. They don’t want you to buy every piece of merchandise they offer, or sign up for every fan site and email list. They just want to share their enjoyment of music with you, offer you a good time, and create a repeatable experience for you. But ladies and gentlemen, you simply aren’t coming out of your homes to accept this humble offering.


What are your reasons for not coming out to show your support for live music? Excuses is what they are. I will debunk each one, hit me with them.


Is it the traffic that’s “slowing you down?” Baseless. Many live events take place hours after rush hour has come and gone.


Are you still using the excuse that you can’t find a place to go listen to live music? Completely ridiculous. While they may be widespread across the city and its suburbs rather than crammed all on one street, Atlanta’s live music venues are nearly endless. See our Venues page if you don’t believe me or need a new place to go.


Maybe you have only ever been to shows where you were packed body to body in a smoky atmosphere, and you just aren’t willing to do that anymore. Again, silly Atlantans. Many of our venues not only provide comfortable seating and wonderful stage views, but dinner! That’s right. Sit at your table with your friends, and enjoy your food, your drinks, and of course, your live music that you can even pretend is being sung just for you.


As you eye news headlines such as “ECONOMIC MELTDOWN” and “BANKS GOING UNDER,” it is possibly the financial situation getting you down. Here is a new headline you may be overlooking: “LIVE MUSIC CAN BE CHEAP.” Ditch those depressing, stuffy news sources you’ve been reading, and sign up for our Newsletter. It lets you know weekly what is going on, where it is located, and how much it costs. This week, the most expensive event was $12, and the cheapest one was FREE! You owe it to your overstressed, overworked selves to find a live music venue, give up the $12 (which would have been spent on what? A C-rated movie and some overbuttered popcorn? Actually that would have been more expensive and less enjoyable, point proven), and have some real fun.


Maybe you have other reasons for not coming out, but I am sure they are just as ridiculous. The artists want you there. The venues want you there. I want you there! With so many people vying for your attention, please Atlanta, don’t disappoint them.  



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