Matt Ryczek at Smith’s Olde Bar

By Megan Morian


Quite a crowd packed into the Atlanta Room in Smith’s Olde Bar Saturday night to see Matt Ryczek. They were a fun, loud, bunch of twenty to thirty somethings, there for the music, the drinks, and the conversation with friends. Soon, as per usual in the Atlanta Room, it was standing room only.

Jeff Delbridge and Pete Schmidt both took the stage armed with guitars, mics, and truthful voices. As singer/songwriters go, they were excellent and in tune with the audience. According to Matt, Pete is his “longtime gigging buddy” and I just “had to check him out.” He was true to his word; I enjoyed Pete’s songs and was sorry to see him leave the stage. Pete even invited Matt up onstage to play the piano during one of his songs, creating a classic sounding duo.

Matt took the stage for his set amidst cheers and whistles from the crowd, most of whom seemed very familiar with his music or seemed to know him personally.

He played several of his own songs on the guitar before heading to the piano, at which point he joked about being nervous and rusty at it. Matt’s voice was earthy and natural sounding, and his songs relatable. Before making the instrument switch, he did a fantastic version of “Memphis” (by country band Lone Star) about which he said, “It’s not my song, I didn’t write it… I just like to play it.”

Matt’s music was slow and easy acoustic; I felt like he was taking his time and enjoying himself, which only made the audience happier and more at ease themselves. The show was relaxing and seemed to pause time for awhile. Next time you need to “get away,” you know what to do.

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