Connor Christian at the Vinyl

 By: Megan Morian


It was an exciting night at the Vinyl on West Peachtree Street as fans gathered to hear Connor Christian belt his southern, Americana flavored tunes. The crowd was a good sized, pleasant mix of early twenty-somethings and middle aged music lovers, and the fun came easily as the fans played pool and sipped drinks.


The first set, played by a duo that admitted that, “This was their first time playing in front of an audience,” was impressive and heartfelt. The Hollidays, armed only with a guitar, a violin, and some soulful voices, had fans wondering about cds before they even mentioned that they were giving them away for free. Their music was sweet and slow, and we will definitely be looking for more of them in the future.


The second opening act, Saint Francis from Macon, Georgia, played several down home country songs that reflected the Americana genre for which the crowd had gathered. After Saint Macon, another duo made the stage their own by bringing in an upright bass and drums to play with a guitar, banjo, and an accordion. The music was unique and kept the audience tapping and clapping.


By the time Connor Christian took the stage, the crowd was loud and excited. He had been circling the room for most of the night, so it was obvious that many knew Connor personally and were there for more than just a good show. His fun, southern guitar playing was accompanied by keys, drums, and a violin. Connor’s voice was something else; I felt it had a sound belonging in rock music, and yet here it was belting southern Americana lyrics to the tune of his guitar. With familiar songs like “One Toke Over the Line,” and new ones off of his album such as “Midnight Moon,” he was a hit from start to finish.

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