Vinx at the Apache Cafe


By: Megan Morian

Before the show, I was a skeptical that the little Apache Café was going to have room for more than a few people. But Vinx chose this unique spot in Atlanta to host his CD Release Party for “50 Memoirs of A Hip Ole Black Man.” At 9pm, it was as if someone had flipped an “opposite” switch: The lighting dimmed all the way down to candle-lit tables and red stage lights, and the amount of people that flowed into the Café was incredible. It was soon standing room only and the atmosphere was full of excited chatter about the show, “how have you been’s,” and hugs among friends.

Drinks were ordered, food was served, and a few artists played heart-felt songs on the stage while Vinx made his way around the room. He was extremely impressive in that he greeted nearly everyone and even helped find seats. The artists on stage kept up some audience interaction, and sang some catchy songs. The mood was relaxed and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

When Vinx took the stage around 10:30pm, he announced plaintively that he had no idea what he was going to play, and kept the audience laughing as he conversed and asked them questions. His spontaneity and creativity kept the audience entranced. I for one had never before seen music like Vinx’s… he said himself that it was difficult to specifically classify. He played alone, though anyone listening outside would have thought there was an entire band behind him. He began with a simple song consisting only of beats and sounds he created and sang into the microphone. His next song was a completely unaccompanied, slow and beautiful rendition of “Moondance.” I was in awe. When he tuned in his switchboard for the next few songs, Vinx really took the term “one man band” to heart and recorded himself several times over.

He then sang along with his many voices! Soon he added his drums to the mix, and I was so amazed by the acoustics and echoing of the microphones that I felt I could have easily gotten the same sound in the Phillip’s Arena. My ears were fooled and I couldn’t stop listening. He sang a fan-requested “Porch Light” and kept the audience laughing with a catchy love song, “I Can’t Stand Your Ugly Face No Mo.” I found Vinx to be extremely humorous and the night was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Since Vinx is usually traveling and recording elsewhere, the show was a treat for Atlanta, and many members of the audience had come quite a distance to see him. You will certainly want to catch him next time he is in town and definitely check out his Song Writer Soul Kitchen, held at his home in McRae, Georgia.

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