“Future of Jazz” Competition Finals

Dave Bass      Ron James     Alex Lattimore

The Blue Room in Buckhead was the scene for the final showdown.  The winner of the jazz finals competition would perform at the Jazz Festival Kick-off party at the Park Tavern on Friday, May 25 and again on the main stage at the Atlanta Jazz Festival on Monday, May 28, 2007.  The winner would also receive $500.00 from the Atlanta Jazz Festival, and a professional audio recording provided by Jammates Records.

The competition was intense.  There was Dave Bass, the good spirited fellow that plays the guitar, the flute and the sax.  Then there was Alex Lattimore, the seasoned pro with the smooth vocals and also accomplished musician.  Finally there was Ron James, the energetic easy going upstart that knows how to work a crowd.  It seems we had the making of a historic battle royal music fest right in Buckhead’s Peachtree Battle Shopping Center.

We heard three great performances and an evening full of wonderful song and melodies. However, the best part of the evening for me was when I had a chance to sit down and talk to each artist individually.  I have found that if I can understand the man or woman behind the music I can better understand the music.  These gentlemen are true ambassadors of the Atlanta music scene.  I realized that this event was more about building the music community than competing against each other.

However, since this was a competition someone had to win.  And the winner is … Ron James.  He totally deserved it.  His performance kicked butt.  I mean was good. 🙂 sorry.

Check out more Future of Jazz Finalist Interviews:

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Alex LattimoreAlex Lattimore … on crowd involvement … on commercialism and love of music … on local haunts and musicians … on where to find him

Ron JamesRon James … on his carribean influences … on where he finds music … on where to find him

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