Celebrities Spotted at Loca Luna and Clermont

Actors Woody Harrelson, in town shooting the movie “Zombieland,” and Bill Murray, here working on the film “Get Low,” have both been spotted taking in the, um, sights at the Clermont Lounge.

We hear from sources at the legendary Ponce  de Leon Avenue exotic dancing landmark that Murray was enjoying two popular beverages at the infamous dive  bar: Pabst Blue Ribbons and bargain whiskey from the bartender’s well rack.

Alas, we’ve been unable to confirm whether Murray or Harrelson have as yet been treated to a poetry reading/lap dance from Blondie, the club’s most famous dancer.

There’s also been no official response from the actors on how they responded when one young female fan reportedly straddled Murray excitedly while telling him that he reminded her of her dad. Murray gallantly helped the potentially tipsy fan to the exit.

The actors have also been regulars at Loca Luna, the Latin tapas and mojito emporium over on Amsterdam Avenue in Midtown as well.

By Richard Eldredge in Access Atlanta.

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