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Rhythm with an attitude!

Monday, August 31st, 2009


Every once in a while, a musician of such skill and dexterity comes along that seeing him perform live makes you stop dead in your tracks and say, “Whoa.” Seattle drummer Kevin “KJ” Sawka is one such musician. The collegiate-looking jungle/drum and bass head has mastered the art of what sounds like drum machine music by playing drums like a machine.

“Electronic music can be a little boring to watch sometimes, but that’s where I differ in a big, big way,” Sawka says.

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By Chad Radford  Creative Loafing

Strange Flare in Music

Friday, August 14th, 2009


Jonathan Kane holds a strange musical pedigree. His drumming on the first Swans record Filth shaped the antagonistic scrape of American industrial rock throughout the ’80s, but he fancies himself a bluesman.

“I like music that swings,” he says. “Music that obsesses on a theme and builds to a point of the ecstatic is what I aspire to, and it’s what moves me.”

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By Chad Radford Creative Loafing

Remembering a Legacy

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009


High priestess of soul Nina Simone was a true diva. Her imperious manner, both on and off stage, could intimidate audiences and critics alike. But daughter Simone, né Lisa Simone Kelly, hasn’t cowered under her mother’s shadow, even though Nina Simone initially opposed her decision to become a singer. “I’ve created my own path,” says the daughter, who still saw fit to pay tribute to her mother’s legacy with the release of her ’08 solo album, Simone on Simone. “It just so happens that I’m Nina Simone’s daughter as well. It gives me a huge foundation from which to leap.”

Simone, as she prefers to be called, started singing professionally in the early ’90s with touring productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Rent before joining the Grammy-winning acid jazz group Liquid Soul in ’98. But she didn’t gain her mother’s approval until she appeared on stage with her at the Guinness Blues Festival in Dublin ten years ago.

By Grant Britt  Creative Loafing

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