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Jay on SOJA

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


SOJA, the Southeastern Organization for the Jazz Arts, sponsored a show on Monday night at the Star Lounge on Peters Street. Well, anyway they say they sponsored it. And there WERE members of SOJA at the show. The only thing is they weren’t doing any “sponsoring.”

At least they were generous enough to pay to get in. It didn’t seem the least bit odd to them that a member of the Atlanta Bebop Society, which is not affiliated with SOJA, was working the door that night, taking the money that SOJA recieved a percentage of. At one point on Monday night the leader of the band was reduced to handing out menus while the “sponsors” looked on. The piano on stage was…oh wait, there wasn’t a piano on stage. Now, when the Atlanta Bebop Society put on its Wednesday Jazz Nights at Club 29, we purchased a piano for the band to use. For there to be jazz there has to be a piano, a detail that wasn’t important enough, apparently, for SOJA to consider.

At least one member actually did something, getting up on stage and delivering a song, after treating the audience to an Elvis Presley impersonation. Funny. Self-congratulatory pats on the back all around for SOJA’s members then.

Sorry guys. It takes a lot more than that to sponsor a jazz event. (Hats off and best of luck to DC and his cool new club.)