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Grant Park Summer Shade Festival Line-up

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Saturday, August 25 – Festival Music Stage

11:45               Jeremy Thornton

12:45               Wampus Cat Scanners

1:45                 The Eyes

2:45                 Numb 

3:45                 Bad Magic Number

4:45                 Sunday Drive Bye

5:45                 Long Knives

6:45                 The Preakness

7:45                 Magnapop  

Saturday, August 25 – Artist Market Music Stage

12:00               Sean Kagalis

1:00                 Molases Skye

2:00                 Amy Lashley

3:00                 The Alaje Choir

4:00                 Batata Doce

5:00                 Ten Penny Travelers

6:00                 Morgan Harper

7:00                 Octave 

Sunday, August 26 – Festival Music Stage

12:00               Chickens & Pigs

1:00                 Spencer Durham Group

2:00                 Mary O Harrison

3:00                 Bouldercrest Singing Group

4:00                 No River City

5:00                 Tag Team

6:00                 Cadillac Jones 

Sunday, August 26 – Artist Market Music Stage

11:00               Park Avenue Baptist Church

12:00               Kerry Wentworth

1:00                 Brent Lawson

2:00                 Gene Owens  

3:00                 Mudflap Jacks

4:00                 Julie Carrol

5:00                 Ronnda Cadle and the String Poets

Live Music: Reconnecting to the Soul

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

“No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main….”

                                                                                                            -John Donne


We are all connected. We may not always want to admit that, but we are. Sometimes we forget that fact because our lives get busy, our problems get bigger, our time becomes less. In short, we lose our connection to the people around us because we make our life about us, and we forget to check in with our friends and family.


Music has the power to reconnect us to our friends, to our family, to the music, and especially to ourselves, and that connection to ourselves just might be the most important.  When we take care of ourselves by eating well and sleeping well we are happier people. And when we are happier, we can’t help but positively affect the people around us. And when we feed our souls with creativity we get fresh ideas. We may even get a fresh idea to an old problem.


So, if you’ve got that “disconnected” feeling, that feeling that something just isn’t right, then stop what you are doing and go see a show. Get some music in your bones!!!


There are plenty of choices here in Atlanta: blues, jazz, rock, big shows, little shows. Pick a place and go have an experience.  You’ll be amazed at the difference you feel.


See you at the show,


Charlton Hoag

Creative Director –

Live Music Every Night in Atlanta

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007


If there’s a show missing, let us know….


Monday – okay this is a slow day, but there’s got to be something. Let us know who’s playing where on this, the most important night of the week.


Tuesday –


Ø      10pm @ Beluga ( Adam McKnight sings with William Green. How much more talent do you want in a tiny, tiny space.

Ø      Churchill Grounds – The Jam Session with Danny Harper. Call for time.

Ø      The Five Spot @ 8pm – Jam Session. Double check the time before you go.

Ø      Loca Luna – @ 7:30pm – local, acoustic, latin


Wednesday –  

Ø      10pm @ Apres Diem ( Dave Bass sits in with local jazz gurus.  Get great food and see the new generation mix with the masters. A great scene.

Ø      Churchill Grounds – Ede Write. Call for time.

Ø      Loca Luna @ 7:30pm – Andre Rievers and Juan Bonini of Rua 6 play jazz, latin jazz and brazilian jazz


Thursday –  

Ø      Churchill Grounds – Russell Gunn’s “Bionics”. Call for time.

Ø      Anis Café and Bistro @ 7:30 – Roda Band.  Bossa Nova and contemporary jazz. A must see.

Ø      Sambuca Restaurant –Joey Sommerville.

Ø      Loca Luna @ 7:30pm –  Rua 6 plays rumba, samba and other upbeat latin sounds. This is a 3 piece arrangement featuring Andre Rievers, Vladmir Abbud and Rafael Pereira.


Friday –


Ø      Loca Luna – Rua 6 plays the best samba, rumba and word music in the city. There is no better latin dance party anywhere. This is a 5 piece arrangement featuring Andre Rievers, Juan Bonini, Vladmir Abbud, Cooper Tisdale, and Rafael Pereira.



Saturday –


Ø      Loca Luna – Loca Luna offers great salsa and merengue from Orchestra Nova Sound and Serenata Band. Sunday evenings 7:00 to 10:00pm. Latin Sol Saturdays at Loca Luna begin at Midnight. DJ Fernando Fernandez and guests spin the best Latin dance party in town.


Sunday –


Ø      Loca Luna – Serenata plays salsa and merengue on the patio



Other Notables –


Ø      Blind Willies – Live Music damn near every night. Closed Mondays. Just go.