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A Great little Place for Live Music and Food

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Well, another normal day in the city was highlighted by some great local live music in a very unexpected place. Last night my girlfriend and I went to dinner at this quaint little French Bistro in Buckhead off of Pharr Road called Anis Cafe & Bistro. To be fair, I already knew they had live music but, you know, it’s restaurant music how good could it be. We sat at a table right in front of the band. It was kinda weird because most people considered the band background noise and barely seemed to notice.

The band was called Roda. They told me what it meant, but I forgot. My short term memory is terrible. Anyway, they were a Brazilian jazz band. Also weird, since they play in a French restaurant. I soon forget these unusual contradictions as this little trio played like they were performing at an intimate club setting.

They were taking pop and jazz covers and transforming them into sweet Brazilian pieces of art to a point where you could hardly recognize making them much more than the trite renditions usually played in a restaurant setting. What really struck me, was the passion and intensity in which they performed on that tight outside patio, turning it into personal concert stage. They were laughing and smiling with each other as the music really started to heat up. The acoustic guitar player seemed to gently hug and caress his instrument, even more whenever the bass guitarist had an especially moving solo.

Man, it was great watching these guys. I would have enjoyed the evening even without the food, which was excellent. The mussels, the trout, the seared tuna and the cappuccino were all delicious. However, this night fed me in a way that food alone could never do. Which made the whole experience especially fulfilling. Can’t wait for my next meal at Anis.