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Gearing Up For Jazz Month

Friday, April 24th, 2009

The Atlanta Jazz Fest returns this spring with a monthlong series of shows around the city capped by a Memorial Day weekend slate of outdoor concerts at Grant Park.

Last year, the festival moved from Piedmont Park to downtown’s Woodruff Park to avoid wear and tear on drought-stressed Piedmont.

This year’s festival focuses on local artists and takes place in nightclubs, restaurants and concert halls throughout May.

The Grant Park shows, May 23-24, feature Atlantans Freddy Cole and Russell Gunn and West Coast smooth jazz fusion ensemble Hiroshima.

It’s the 32nd year of the Atlanta Jazz Fest, which has gone through many incarnations since its birth in the 1970s as a wild-haired, free-jazz celebration.

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Record Store Day 2009

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Criminal Records owner Eric Levin recalls a time in the not-so-distant past when it seemed like owning a record store was something to lament rather than celebrate.

A deluge of media chatter about music going digital forecasted nothing but doom and gloom for CDs, LPs and the stores that sold them. Behemoth chains like Tower and Virgin were going the way of the dodo, while downloading music for free via such file sharing sites as LimeWire was considered the future.

“For a time, whenever I met new people they would come up to me like I had cancer and say, ‘You own a record store? I’m sorry… .'” Levin says. “I felt as though I was being made the butt of a joke, which implies that I am a bad business person, and I bristled at that. Overnight, record stores had gone from being cool places to being something to almost be reviled.”

Rather than sit idly by while the cult status of mom-and-pop record shops deflated in the public’s eye, Levin — along with a handful of record store owners, employees, and marketing gurus from around the country — hatched a plan. On April 19, 2008, that plan came to fruition with the first Record Store Day. Dedicated to the institution of the independent record store, it was a Hallmark holiday of sorts that served as a beacon to remind the world that record stores still exist. The implications resonated around the world.

In Atlanta, Criminal Records transformed the Little Five Points parking lot into a carnival atmosphere complete with bands, DJs and a makeshift flea market for selling records. Stores threw parties in other cities as well. Newbury Comics in Boston, Grimey’s in Nashville, and Amoeba Records stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles all followed suit in what felt like a kitschy but successful grassroots campaign.

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The Real Underground Atlanta Is Coming to Light

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Killer Mike has been vocal about distinguishing authentic Atlanta rap from the emerging hipster-hop scene that’s taken root here in recent years. Now, he’s taking it to the recording booth with the scheduled release of a compilation album titledUnderground Atlanta.

Due in June ’09, the album will highlight a range of hood-happy and street-certified ATL artists from Gucci Mane to T.I. — who recently signed Mike to Grand Hustle Records.

Underground Atlanta will be released through Killer Mike’s own Grindtime Official imprint via his distribution deal with SRC/Fontana.

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Celebrities Spotted at Loca Luna and Clermont

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Actors Woody Harrelson, in town shooting the movie “Zombieland,” and Bill Murray, here working on the film “Get Low,” have both been spotted taking in the, um, sights at the Clermont Lounge.

We hear from sources at the legendary Ponce  de Leon Avenue exotic dancing landmark that Murray was enjoying two popular beverages at the infamous dive  bar: Pabst Blue Ribbons and bargain whiskey from the bartender’s well rack.

Alas, we’ve been unable to confirm whether Murray or Harrelson have as yet been treated to a poetry reading/lap dance from Blondie, the club’s most famous dancer.

There’s also been no official response from the actors on how they responded when one young female fan reportedly straddled Murray excitedly while telling him that he reminded her of her dad. Murray gallantly helped the potentially tipsy fan to the exit.

The actors have also been regulars at Loca Luna, the Latin tapas and mojito emporium over on Amsterdam Avenue in Midtown as well.

By Richard Eldredge in Access Atlanta.

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Atlanta Elvis Interpreter Brings New Faces to The King

Thursday, January 8th, 2009


If Elvis Presley were still alive, he’d turn 74 on Thursday. Would he still have hair? Would he have lost the battle with the waistline? Or would he have taken a turn for the better?

“Suppose he got on a physical fitness kick?” wonders Mike Geier, leader and avatar of big band Kingsized and the rockingest Elvis interpreter in Atlanta. “I see him as that skinny 70-something-year-old guy, walking into the coffee shop every morning at 8 a.m. with his bike shoes on.”

Hmmm. A skinny Elvis sounds like a skinny Santa Claus. But Geier is known for taking Elvis into new, uncharted territory, booming out versions of “Purple Rain” as the King might have. He’s done Elvis in a tuxedo and Elvis in drag.

Geier and his 12-piece band, plus 12 dancers, put on special Vegas-worthy Elvis shows twice every year, right around Elvis’ Jan. 8 birthday and his Aug. 16 death day. On Jan. 10, Kingsized will be celebrating the birth of the King at that Little Five Points gem, the Variety Playhouse.

Read Full Article. By Bo Emerson, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Shawn Mullins Homecoming

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008


Today’s Dispatch From The Road comes from Atlanta singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins, out promoting his latest Vanguard Records CD “Live at the Variety Playhouse” – and playing tonight and tomorrow at Eddie’s Attic.

Planning to be at Eddie’s? Been a longtime fan of Mullins?

Well here’s his online postcard to you:

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